Do you find yourself stressed out?  Impatient?  Unclear how to get the results you want?

Our 3-step ALIGN Business Builder Process first increases your leader's and key employee's Gut Quotient (GQ).  We do this by giving them the tools and techniques to ALIGN with their Gut Instinct, Intuitive Knowing and Ego-strength so they can be more conscious of the possibilities they otherwise could not see.  Once we help your key talent have a more open and resilient mindset, we then help them collaborate with others so they are better able to hear each other's ideas, as well as synthesize them to a hightened awareness (a-ha knowing) that creates results! To capture the best ideas to ALIGN to your goals, we use our Digital Goal Dashboard.  This keeps your culture collaborative, creative, and consciously connected to the goals with just one "click!". You will eliminate unnecessary meetings and missed deadlines because your key talent will be focused on what activities matter most, as well as clear about who is doing what by when. And finally, we leave no room for a deprivation-thinking with our Outsource Match Service, where you can connect to that just right consultant or resource provider to complete your initiatives on-time and on-budget!

Clients are raving about our 3-step Align Business Builder Process:

"Susan Shows us how to take the EGO out of work, and our lives, so we can create a more entrepreneurial culture that ignites enthusiasm and drives result!
-John E. Schlifske, Chairman and CEO of Northwestern Mutual

“The tools and techniques show us how to get out of our way and change our approach so we can get what we ultimately want.”  
-Kim Sponem, CEO, Summit Credit Union

 “Susan shows us how to get our EGO out of work so we can get to work!”
-Scott Haag,  CEO and owner, Moore Oil Company
"Susan provides tools and approaches that can be truly transformative to individuals, teams, and entire companies.”
-Don Schlidt, President & CEO, Dedicated Computing

Don't waste one more day being out of alignment with your greatest potential and goals! 
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 It's time to become the greatest leader you can be, by Trusting Your Gut to know exactly what to do or say in those difficut situations that can ALIGN you, and others, to the goals with more ease and effectiveness!