ALIGN Sales Development

Do your your sales people know how to target your customer's greatest needs and tailor-make a solution to create mutual success?  Does your sales force collaborate with the departments who deliver the promises so you have satisfied repeat customers?

Our third step of our ALIGN Success Coaching Program gets your sales force focused on the needs of your prospects and customers by offering a value-added proposition they cannot refuse.  Through our Needs Assessment process your sales force will have a consultative approach instead of being just order-takers. This means they will work with your propects and customers to yield success verses just order-take. 

Once your prospect's and customer's hot button is discovered, our Team-ALIGN Process will help your sales people to collaborate with the other departments in your company to tailor-make the best solutions for your customer.  Having a collaborative and innovative culture will ensure greater buy-in to the promises made, assuring your new customer will have their expectations met, and you will meet your goals.  A satisfied customer means repeat business and referrals, helping your bottom-line grow, as your customer also succeeds.

Ask us about our ALIGN Sales Development Program, which includes skill training on how to:
Qualify Prospects
Develop Telephone Skills
Probe for the Customer's Needs with our Needs Assessment Tool
Create a Powerful Presentation
Turn Objections into Solutions
Close the Deal
Use Team ALIGN Process to get departments engaged in sales success solutions
Follow-up and Ensure Satisfaction
Expand Your Business Relationship
Work with Different Personality Types
Get Referrals and Testimonials

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