How well do you Trust Your Gut?

Gut Quotient Mini-Assessment

Take Susan K. Wehrley's Mini Gut QuotientAssessment to find out your Gut Quotient (GQ).  In order to meet our goals, we need to be able to trust our gut in setting goals, as well as the moment-to-moment decisions we make to lead us to our goals.  In addition, we need to trust our gut when working with other people so we know what to do or say in the moment that matters most!

Answer "yes" or "no" to the following 10 questions below. 

Scoring: If you have answered 0-1 question as "no" you are doing an Excellent job of Trusting Your Gut!  No one is perfect but you certainly have an awareness of listening to your Self and trusting your instinct.  If you answered 2 questions with a "no" you are doing a very good job at trusting your gut, but need to slow down and check in more often. If you answered 3 questions with a "no" you are doing an average job of trusting your gut.  When you are really busy or attached to a specific outcome of safety, security, love and belonging, you second-guess yourself.  When you slow down and pay attention to your attachments and let go of them, you will experience your Self trusting your gut more.  Answers with 4 or more "no's" are stuck in analysis-paralysis.  It doesn't mean you never trust your gut, the problem is your logical mind is limited and cannot give you that "a-ha" knowing because you are not tuning in within.  Practice being more open, trusting and allowing Intuitive to come to you.  You will be amazed at how inpiration flows to you and you will just know!

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