start to ALIGN to your vision & goals today!

The first step in our ALIGN program begins with our BUILD-A-HUB Technology. What's a Hub? A Hub is a private, fire-walled intranet site for you and your users. You get access with a user name and password once you choose from the 4 Hubs below. A Hub gives you the technology you need to create your strategic plan from the vantage point you need. Choose from our: Project ALIGNMENT Hub (To ALIGN to your projects); Goal ALIGNMENT Hub (To ALIGN to your goals); Organizational ALIGNMENT Hub (To ALIGN your organization to the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Initiatives, and Action Plans needed to succeed!); and the Complete Strategic ALIGNMENT Hub (To not only ALIGN to your organization's strategic plan, but to have the tools you need to create a smart workplace!).

How do you get started with the BUILD-A-HUB Program? First pick the ALIGNMENT Hub below that best fits your needs and the number of users you want in your Hub. Then you can begin to build and customize your private Hub to suit your brand, level of engagement (optional) to help you build your plan, permissions to edit and upload information, and the color, pictures and design to suit your taste! It's easy and fun to create your BUILD-A-HUB!

When you are done choosing your BUILD-A-HUB in Step 1, be sure to move on to Step 2: BUILD-A-COACHING Program for optimal results! Our online offerings are to make it easy to help you achieve your goals. In-person coaching is always available upon request and quote. I look forward to helping you achieve your greatest potential!

-Susan K. Wehrley, Founder & CEO, BIZremedies

Check out our 4 BUILD-A-HUBS below:


Get Efficient!

This is for the individual or department that wants to get more efficient by aligning action plans to achieve priority projects and initiatives.


  • Name key projects & initiatives
  • Create action plans to ALIGN to your projects so you can detail out: who, will do what, by when
  • Create Team Leaders
  • Sort by: Project/initiatives, Team Leaders, Individual for quick view on progress
  • Get automatic email reminders
  • Celebration balloons, confetti, etc. when you complete a task at 100%
  • One user, or multiple

At checkout, you will choose the number of users for your Hub

$9 per month per user/monthly

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Get Focused!

This is for the individual or department that wants to focus on their goals, work on what matters most, and have a clear action plan to achieve projects and initiatives, so they are working smart, not hard.


Same features as the Project ALIGNMENT HUB PLUS:

  • Create your goals
  • Create your departments (Or if this is for you personally, you can create different areas of your life for goal-setting)
  • ALIGN projects/initiatives and action plans to each of your goals
  • Sort by department (Or areas of your life), goals, projects/initiatives, team leaders, and individuals
  • At checkout you will choose the number of users for your Hub

    $19 per month per user/6-months

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    Organizational ALIGNMENT HUB

    Get Engaged!

    This is for the department or company that not only wants to focus on their goals, and important projects/initiatives; they understand the importance of focusing on the “WHY” (vision), “HOW” (mission), and “WHO” (values).


    Same features as the Project & Goal ALIGNMENT HUBS PLUS:

    Create and display your Strategic Plan, including:

    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values
    • Goals
    • Projects/Initiatives for the company, departments, & individuals

    Use this Hub to post your current plan, or use our engagement feature to survey your employees on their ideas for the:

    When you engage employees in the process of developing the plan and ALIGN their action plans to the initiatives & goal, you can increase productivity up to 74%!

    At checkout you will chose the number of users for your Hub

    $29 per month/per user/12 months

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    Get Fully Aligned!

    This is for the department or company that wants to focus on their vision, mission, values, goals, and important initiatives, as well as fully ALIGN employees actions to what matters most. Companies that sign up for this Hub also understand how recognition and leadership coaching tools can help a team and company work at a high level of ALIGNMENT & TRUST! This Hub as all that!


    Same features as the Project, Goal & Organizational Hub, PLUS:

    • A Recognition Wall so team members can share milestones and boast a bit! on-time
    • A Coaching Toolbox, including:
      -S.W.O.T. Analysis Form
      -Quarterly Scorecards & Action Plan Form
      -10- Step Goal ALIGNMENT Conversation
      -C.O.A.C.H. Technique
      -Meeting & Huddle Agendas
      -4 Step Change Process Form

    You determine what level of engagement you want for creating: Vision, Mission,Values & Goals)

    At checkout you will choose the number of users for your Hub

    $39 per month per user

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    Need something more customized? Schedule a free 20-minute consultationon my online calender to BUILD-A-HUB today!