Customize your own ALIGN Coaching Program to reach your greatest potential!

The second step in our ALIGN 2-step program is our BUILD-A-COACHING Program. Our BUILD-A-COACHING Program is designed to help you discover the best practices and strategies to ALIGN your key talent to your vision & goals. Our goal is to help you work smart. That is where our BUILD-A-COACH Program can help.

If you are looking for Personal Leadership Development, great! We have you covered with our once a month webinar, once a month private coaching session, and daily inspiration right to your mailbox. If you are looking to get your company ALIGNED to your vision & goals so everyone knows how they contribute to add-value, great! We are experts in creating a plan and employee engagement. Or if you want to create a culture that is customer focused, we have the steps to ensure your customer experience will keep them coming back! Choose from our 3 online BUILD-A-COACHING Programs below. If you don't find exactly what you need to suit your needs, budget, timeline or location, just call us for a tailor-made solution at 262-696-6856.

Check out our 3 BUILD-A-COACHING Programs below:

Personal Leadership ALIGNMENT

Get Empowered!

This is for the individual or leader who wants to reach their full potential, including becoming more clear, calm, and confident in relating to others; leading others; trusting themselves in decision-making; and reaching their goals.

Features: One hour, once a month, for 6-months, in Susan’s IMeet Hub, to develop:

  • A Purpose
  • Goals
  • A Mindset of Abundance
  • An Ability to Address the Difficult Situations and People in your life in a new, more effective way
  • Your Awareness to your Reactive Patterns and how to effectively respond instead
  • Daily Inspirational ALIGN Mindset Technology tips, right to youremail box
  • Monthly one-hour group webinars to help you reach your full potential

This is for the department or company that wants to have Susan K. Wehrley help them create their:
This price does not include one of our ALIGNMENT Hubs. We highly recommend the Goal ALIGNMENT Hub with this program.

$350 per month/per person/6-months

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Organizational ALIGNMENT

Get Strategic!

Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, and Initiatives so they can work smart, not hard, to become their greatest potential!

Features: Weekly, 1.5 hour sessions in Susan’s IMeet Hub will help you:

  • Learn the best practices to create a vision, mission, values, goals & initiatives
  • Define your “Value-added Proposition” so you have more clarity on your competitive edge in a crowded marketplace
  • Engage your key management and/or talent in creating your vision, mission, values, goals, and key projects/initiatives
  • Understand the role of a leader in ALIGNING employees to the goals and key initiatives
  • ALIGN your key talent with a clear plan of action
  • Understand how to recognize your employees in a way that is meaningful to them
  • Hold people accountable to results with our Quarterly ALIGNMENT Scorecard & Action Plan!
  • Learn a simple 10-step Goal ALIGNMENT Conversation to get employees re-ALIGNED to the goals

This price does not include one of our ALIGNMENT Hubs. We highly recommend the Organizational ALIGNMENT Hub or the Strategic ALIGNMENT Hub with this program.

The first 10 participants are included:

$695 per week/up to 10 participants/6-month commitment/$50 per added participant

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Get Collaborating!

This is for the company that wants all departments to understand their “Value-added Proposition”, as well as provide the best customer experience possible, by working collaboratively with others in the company.

Features: Weekly, 1.5 hour sessions in Susan’s IMeet Hub, will help you:

  • Develop your “Value-added Proposition” to everyone in the company and create a plan to communicate to all employees how it relates to their job
  • Ensure you have an effective Customer Needs Assessment to determine your prospects/customer’s needs, as it relates to your “Vale-added Proposition”
  • Create an effective Collaboration Huddle to ALIGN all departments before a Scope-of-Project Proposal is given to the customer
  • Create a Scope-of- Project Proposal that ALIGNS to the “Value-added Proposition” and the capabilities and capacities of your departments
  • Create a project management timeline so your talent knows exactly what is expected of them, by when; and so your customer is informed of the expected timeline
  • Learn a 10-step Goal ALIGNMENT Conversation to overcome hurdles and create solutions for success

This price does not include one of our ALIGNMENT Hubs. We highly recommend the Project Management Hub with this program.

The first 10 are included:

$795 per week/up to 10 participants/6-months/$50 per added participant

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Need something more customized or in-person? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation on my online calender to BUILD-A-COACHING Program today!