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Do you sometimes find it hard to know which decision is best?  Do you have a hard time trusting your gut?  Does this effect your ability to collaborate and lead your team to the best decision possible to yield the best results?

Our first step in our ALIGN program begins with developing your leader's ability to ALIGN to their Greatest Potential.  We do this by ensuring they are in the best mindset for success.  Scientific evidence now proves our gut has a brain that is connected to our Intuitive mind in our head brain, through the vagus nerve.  When our gut picks up "evidence" in its most primitive form, our head-brain is able to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make sense of what we instinctively knew.  When we are connected to ourselves in this way, and trust our gut, we make the best decisions that yield the best results.

That is why our first step of our ALIGN 3-step Business Builder Prcess includes a development program for leaders.  In order to effectively lead others, we must first know how to trust ourselves.  This includes discerning between the chatter box in our mind and that powerful gut-knowing. Leaders who make great decisions are present and conscious, and therefore notice cues at the tip of the iceberg.  This means they do not have to wait until all the evidence is so obvious, damage is already done.  No longer will your company have a culture of crisis-management or analysis-paralysis because your leaders will be mindful and able to make effective decisions that are aligned to your goals, early on when signs are indicating a change needs to occur.   

In addition, while collaboration is a mainstream skill taught in many programs, true collaboration cannot occur unless each person first trusts their gut in decision-making and then has the EGO-strength to speak their truth, while still remaining open-minded to other's input. By eliminating limited,  fear-based, and grandiose thinking,  your talent will operate at a higher level of alignment to their potential. This eliminates the E.G.O. at work (that Edges the Greatest Potential Out).  Instead of operating in silos, your culture will now be based on curiosity, open-mindedness, collaboration and synergy that is aligned to your vision and goals.

Choose from the following formats to get started in ALIGN Leadership Development Programs:

1) GUT QUOTIENT & LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT measures how well you lead and trust your gut in decision-making

2) One-on-One EXECUTIVE COACHING to apply the Leadership techniques to real business situations and solutions

3) Leadership WORKSHOPS in-house for your company

4) ALIGN Mindset Technology Online Program:  

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Looking for additional information? 
Click here to listen to an interview with Susan K. Wehrley on how our gut knowing, combined with EGO-strength, is necessary to reach our potential:


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