Strategic Goal ALIGNMENT Hub


Are you ready to achieve optimal results?  Do you want to create a culture where employees are completely aligned to your vision, mission, values and goals?  Are you looking for the most efficient and effective way to get there?

In today's technological world, we no longer have to use excel spreadsheet, power points and an intranet site to post our vision, mission, values, goals and important initiatives. In fact, those outdated tools do not keep your plan front and center.  They also do not show your talent what they need to do to add-value, or automatically update your company on progress.

Our Strategic Goal ALIGNMENT Hubs, on the other hand, will keep you, your teams, departments, and talent in synch with the important initiatives and action steps needed to reach your goals. 

Choose from three of our Strategic Goal ALIGNMENT HUBS:

Perfect for the individual, small business, and leader who wants to align initiatives and action steps to their goals.  This hub allows you to create an action plan to stay on track and become your greatest potential.  Our automatic emails will remind the subscriber: who, is doing what, by when.

Organizational ALIGNMENT Hub:
Our Organizational Goal ALIGNMENT Hub includes the ability to engage employees in creating the vision, mission, values, goals, initiatives, and action plans needed to succeed.  The easy-to-use survey format makes it easy for your staff to give input on your strategic plan.   Getting this engagement upfront ensures complete understanding and buy-in.  The easy-to-use action plan dashboard also allows each department manager to collaborate with employees to create initiatives and build action plans to align them to the goals.  This motivates employees because they know exactly what is expected and how they add value.  The automatic emails will remind your talent of the commitments made and deadlines, giving you a high-performing company!

Complete Strategic Goal ALIGNMENT HUB: 
This is for the company that wants to completely align to their vision, mission, values, goals, and needed initiatives along with valuable tools to hold people accountable to their greatest potential!  


In addition to all the features you get in the Goal ALIGNMENT Hub, in the Complete Strategic Goal ALIGNMENT Hub you also get strategic tools to create higher-performance, such as:


·       Quarterly ALIGNMENT Scorecards


·       Collaboration Relating Style Assessment


·       C.O.A.C.H. Technique


·       10-Step Goal ALIGNMENT Conversation


·       ALIGN Huddle Agenda


·       Recognition Wall




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