ALIGN Teamwork Development

Do you find your departments often operate in silos rather than working together towards the goals?  Are commitments made in   meetings, yet you find people do not follow-through with what is promised?  Would you like to increase your focus on the strategies needed to succeed and ensure everyone is accountable to follow through to meet the goals?

In our second step of our ALIGN Success Coaching Program, we change the culture to one that is a synergistic and high-performing. We do this by ensuring leaders are engaging employees in the vision and goals. By creating a collaborative culture with an open-mindset, you get a synergistic team that eliminates any silo-effect in your organization that would breakdown results.  As we teach your team how to use effective communication skills, they begin to address obstacles that hinder success, effectively resolve issues, and create an action plan to reaach the goals.

As ideas and strategies are shared in our Team-ALIGN huddles and meetings, we capture the action steps needed to succeed in our BIZremedies ALIGNMENT Hub.  The BIZremedies ALIGNMENT Hub outlines who will do what by when and sends automatic email reminders out to keep people on track and accountable to promises made.  Its easy-to-use dashboard also engages employees so they can see how they contribute to the goals.  When you engage employees and show them their value in contributing to the goals, you can increase productivity up to 74%, according to the Gallup Poll Research and McKinsey study.

Our Teamwork Development Program, along with our BIZremedies ALIGNMENT Hub, keeps your plan transparent and teams connected with one another.  When employees understand what each person is doing to further the progress to the goals, your culture begins operating at a high level of trust and synergy.  As a result, employees own the results because they see how their efforts are transparent.  No longer do you have to have meetings just to update!  The BIZremedies ALIGNMENT Hub keeps you up-to-date.  You only meet when you have to "huddle" to address an obstacle and overcome it.  And no worries...we teach you how to huddle and overcome obstacles in the most efficient way so you have more time for productivity!


Call us at 414-581-0449 or email us at to learn how we can help you create a high-performing team.   Ask us about the BIZremedies ALIGNMENT Hub and we will give you a free demonstration.

Still need more information?  Here are a couple 5 minute videos to help you understand our philosopy: