Become a BIZremedies ALIGN Success Coach

Do you have a natural tendency to listen, ask good questions, synthesize information easily, collaborate with others to obtain results, and feel motivated to help others reach their goals? If so, you might have what it takes to become an ALIGN Success Coach.

The process begins with an online course and testing to see if you have what it takes to help leaders, teams, sales people and companies grow. This first stage is called our ALIGN Coach Qualification. We want to be as sure there is a great fit, before either of us invests too much time or money.

To begin the process, you will take our online course that explains how to become a great coach and consultant. You will learn how to:

1) Brand yourself so you stand out in the marketplace

2) Articulate your value-added proposition as an ALIGN Success Coach, so you stand out as an expert and find people who need YOU as a coach

3) Solve your client's Root Need with our "Root Cause Analysis" so you will help every client reach their success goals

4) Articulate the ALIGN Success process and the return-on-investment

5) Use our ALIGN Goal Performance Dashboard (for 30 days)

6) Utilize our 4-Step Roll-out process to ensure engagement in initiatives and achievement of goals

7) Discover your Relating Style so you can become better at collaborating with others

8) Get in alignment with the personality and values of your client so they enjoy working with you The above online course, as well as a one-hour phone appointment with our BIZremedies CEO< Susan K. Wehrley, will ensure we are both making a great decision to partner together. Whether you become an ALIGN Success Coach or not, you will learn so much about how to be an effective leader and coach just through this online course and appointment with Susan. This portion of the qualification is a mere investment of $795.

After this first stage of qualification, you then go to the next stage which is the ALIGN Success Program Coaching Certification.

Step 1: Train-the-Trainer Program: Learn Coaching and Consulting Techniques.

In 20 hours of coaching with Susan, you will learn 20 Tools needed for successful coaching. These techniques will help you to be confident in any situation.

Step 2: Leadership, Team, and Sales Development: Learn the Skill Sets in each of our ALIGN development programs.

Susan will take you through the 3 ALIGN Success Development programs (Leadership, Teamwork, and Sales) so you will learn the core skills sets of success for each program. You will learn these programs by watching them on online and then meeting with Susan afterwards for a total of 15 hours. Testing will be done to ensure the skills taught were caught.

At this point you become certified! Congratulations! The above certification is an investment of $9,625. due upfront. It qualifies you in a special industry niche and focus of which you are qualified. It also licenses you for a 2-hour radius around your location, so we will not certify any other ALIGN Success Coaches in your area. This gives you a protective space to build your business.

Step 3: Private Business Building Phone Coaching:

Finally, you will get weekly coaching to help you build your business. This is at a reduced coaching rate of $175/hr. because you are one of our certified coaches! This is an on-going weekly requirement, which gives you:

1) A personalized business plan to find prospects 2) Techniques to how create proposals

3) Help in creating training programs

4) Mentoring on coaching and consulting situations

5) Referrals from us, when we have them

Step 3 requires an on-going weekly meeting. Investment is $700. per month, due at the beginning of the month.

In addition to the above coaching, you also get:

1) Use of the ALIGN Success Programs

2) Use of the ALIGN Goal Performance Dashboard

3) Use of our ALIGN ASSESSMENTS for Leaders, Teams, and Sales

4) You also get to subscribe people to the ALIGN Mindset Technology Online Course, which requires none of your time!

All proceeds for sales are split 70% for the newly certified coach and 30% for BIZremedies for their copyright programs.

For more details on how you might become a ALIGN Success Coach, contact us at 414-581-0449 or